Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." -Rosalind Russell
Bulletin:  A person can be beautiful (handsome) and NOT be thin and thin is not necessarily beautiful. This is not a "Big Is Beautiful" endorsement because that isn't true either.  I am the first to declare that there is far too much extra poundage walking around.   Fat, in and of itself is not attractive. I'd love it if nobody had an extra pound, but beauty is much more complicated that weight or age or even genetics.

1. Beauty really is in the eye on the beholder, not because they are biased but because one who truly loves you sees you more like God does.  It's not that the beholder can't see our blemishes but that the beauty is so much grander and more obvious.  That is why some people become more attractive to us the more we know them.

2.  Cover girl, model beauty with all the make up and beautiful clothes is forgettable because it isn't real.  Manufactured beauty all begins to look the same and it doesn't feel approachable.  At the gym, and especially in my fitness classes, I watch people with all kinds of different bodies and they are in their workout clothes and sweating but they are beautiful and sexy (except the men prefer handsome and sexy).  The human body is always beautiful but there is something exceptional about these people.

3. Confidence, kindness, integrity, happiness  and a love of God and man simply creates an attractive aura.  This kind of a person is always trying to be the best they can be.  They take care of their body, improve their minds, make time for the spiritual and serve others.

4.  Now a note to men.  You already know that the woman you love is gorgeous but did you know you have the power to make her even more beautiful.  We are what we believe ourselves to be and you have the power to make her believe she is beautiful by the things you say and the way you treat her. We can do the same for the men.

"Each of us is what we believe of ourselves." -Anton Chekov