Monday, February 22, 2010

I Stumbled On Something Powerful!

I have always been a believer in goal writing. There is plenty of research to suggest that the most successful people both personally and professionally are goal writers. I know from my own experience that it makes all the difference, but still progress was slower than I would like. And then about three years ago I came upon a goal writing technique from Brian Tracy. On his audio program he called it "Ultimate Goals". I call it "Goals On Steroids". The success I found with this program was incredible! My personal growth was accelerated in every area of my life. Of course that increased my happiness since we are always happiest when we are growing and progressing. Here's how it works:

1. Get a spiral notebook and write down your 10 - 15 most important goals EVERYDAY. Never miss a day!

2. Each day write them from memory without referring to your previous list. This will be a struggle the first few times but will help crystallize what it is you really want. Find wording that inspires you. After the first few weeks this process will take you less than five minutes.

3. Write your goals as if you have already accomplished them. "I have excellent posture" or "I spend time educating myself everyday".

4. Always write them in the affirmative. Write "I am financially independent" rather than "I am debt free" so the focus is not on a negative like "debt".

5. You may have no idea how each goal will be accomplished but write them anyway.

6. Set a deadline when possible as in "I will be able to wear that little black dress by December 31st".

7. Make sure you have set goals in each of the important area's of life. I like to place them in order of my priorities. My first goal is spiritual, then family (social/emotional), physical, financial, etc.

As you try this program miracles will happen in your life. In some cases it will seem as if super natural forces are at work. Everyone who I know has tried it has found that it works. Unfortunately many people are content in the mediocrity of a comfort zone. Don't let that be you. There is not much fun or excitement there, whereas, there is excitement and success in abundance in the world if you reach for it.

If you decide to try this I would love to hear about your experience. If you have questions contact me or read chapter 15 of "Goals!" by Brian Tracy. In fact, go crazy and read the whole thing.

My favorite quote is by Helen Keller. She said, "Either life is a daring, joyful adventure or life is nothing." Now go get 'em!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love to wear high heels. Spiky, strappy, sexy 3-4 inchers. My good friend Dr. Randy Lowe, an excellent podiatrist, tells me "just keep wearing them and I will fix your feet later". I am actually pretty careful about how my shoes fit, how long I wear them and I have a lot of muscle in my legs so I don't plan on needing him for that, but it makes me think about health care in America. We have become a society that wants to indulge now and fix it later.

A massive amount of our health care dollars are spent on type II diabetes, obesity related illness and addiction. All three of these are totally within our control to prevent. Then there is cancer, heart disease and hypertension (high blood pressure), to name a few, which we have a large deal of control over. For example, consuming the amount of sugar in one can of soda a day is enough to increase your chance of pancreatic cancer 70 percent! You know CANCER, the big C? It just isn't worth it in pain, suffering, death or dollars. And that is just one example.

Sometimes people will say, "I just can't give up sugar" or "I just can't give up my Dr. Peppper" and I think, "are you kidding me!! People have given up heroine, alcohol, cigarettes and even sacrificed their life for their fellow man, I am sure you can give up sugar! If you don't care to change something in your diet, that is fine, but it isn't because you can't.

Health care reform has become a major political and social issue in our country. There is a problem and while we are blaming insurance companies, congress, and the medical community maybe we should look in the mirror and see if we are part of the problem. I don't know what congress should do but I do have a pretty good idea what you and I should do. “Of course it's the same old story. Truth usually is the same old story.”(Margaret Thatcher)

1. Lose that weight. Just do it. Start today. No excuses. You can do it just as well as anybody else can. Tomorrow you will just be one day older. It you need help getting started call me. It's what I do.

2. Get fit. Determine which five - six days a week you will exercise and then never miss a workout. Lot's of people do it and you are no busier than anyone else. If you don't know how to get started call me. It's what I do.

3. Replace the junk you consume with the beautiful things that nature has to offer.

You can do this! You are more powerful than you can imagine! But you won't know that, or how very much it is worth it until you do. Let's fix it now and indulge in a very long and healthy life.

"When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you." Zig Ziglar

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matilda's Metabolism and 8 Ways To Improve It

Consider Matilda who has lost weight and now desires to maintain a certain weight. She has determined that she needs x number of calories everyday to do that. That works but as time goes by she notices she is gaining weight so she reduces her calories. Again that works but more time goes by and she finds she must reduce her caloric intake again, and then again and again and pretty soon she is living on carrot sticks!

And then there is Fred who decides that he will get his daily allotment of calories by eating Oreo's. He is sure he has consumed the right number of calories and yet the pounds pile on.

Here are two examples of why calories in verses calories spent is only part of the story about weight loss. What has happened to Matilda is that her metabolism is slowing and so she must reduce her calories. A better way would be for her to increase her metabolism. Here are eight ways for Matilda to do that.

1. High intensity interval training (HIIT). Besides it's fat burning effect it appears to increase growth hormone (a good thing) and increase metabolism. Interval training should always be done after a meal as your body can begin eating into muscle as glucose levels drop. (for more on intervals see previous post "More Fit In Less Time or Step Away From the Magazine")

2. ALWAYS eat breakfast!! Your metabolism slows when you sleep and eating breakfast gives it a kick start. You have been a long time without food. If your cells do not get fed they learn to function on less food and that means a lower metabolism. You may not feel like it at first but keep at it anyway and soon you will be waking up hungry.

3. Eat five to six times a day, every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. The actual act of eating and digesting builds metabolism. After a while your body will realize it is going to get fed and will let go of some of those pounds of fat. (see previous post "Eat and Lose Weight")

4. Resistance/weight training. More muscle equals higher metabolism. Without weight training adults will lose as much as a 1/2 pound of muscle a year.

Those are the big four. Here are some other idea's:

5. Get spicy! Spicy food has been shown to increase metabolism.

6. Get enough sleep.

7. Drink a lot of water.

8. Reduce stress. Stress increases cortisol which increases fat gain- especially belly fat. Daily stresses of life are hard to minimize very much. It is always good to re-evaluate and see what we can change and sometimes the only thing to do is change our attitude. What helps me is to realize I have a certain number of things to do and I can do them feeling stressed or I can do the same things with cheerfulness and find joy in the process. I have learned that multi-tasking is a sure way to suck the joy out of an activity and increase stress.

What about Fred? A subject for another post.